Transmitter HPHT 3-16

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Triton provides a full tested 3-16 pressure measuring instruments with a high temperature wheatstone bridge thin film sputtered pressure transducer with an integrated RTD by its side for temperature compensation at all pressures, unlike competition pressure drifts with temperature.  These industry oil and gas offshore or land driven pressure measurement instruments come in a custom or stock configurations.  Design and machine to API 6A certified BX ring groove with Hologram stamp with API 6A # on the flanged body, fully traceable.   Machined using any one of the  exotic materials or paint specification or no paint.  All electronics follows API 6F Standard.  Custom thin film or off the shelf sensors are welcome in the design phase.  Stamping flange or upper housing is welcomed.  Full FAT is performed live for third party witnesses.  FAT includes weld, Part number, dates and graphics and much more.  Output is configurable to 4 to 20 ma, RS485, and CAN bus.  High accuracies can be achieve greater 0.1% call or ask for quote.

SMART Transmitter, Wheatstone Bridge, Piezoelectric

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TRI 3-16-25KPSI R1

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