PCB Assembly — SMD and Through Hole

Prototyping PCB Assembly and Mechanical Assembly

Prototyping PCB Assembly

Triton staff have many decades of experience in hand assembly as well as SMD Pick and Place programming, working to IPC 610 class 3, the high reliability standard of workmanship. With a dedicated workforce and a comprehensive infrastructure of work instructions and procedures, Triton facilities manufacture product for demanding customers where consistency of quality is essential with on time delivery.


At Triton, we continually optimize our manufacturing environment to take full advantage of the latest printed circuit board assembly equipment available. Whether high mix low volumes that ranges from a few units for prototypes, to modest quantities for pre-production, and to hundreds of thousands in volume production.


Wave soldering machines to achieve consistent quality and process control when assembling boards having multiple grounds, power planes, or dense populations of SMT components on both sides. Our equipment is also setup to support both Tin/Lead processes and Lead Free processes with interchangeable solder pots.


In addition to the microscopes used throughout the facilities, Triton has access to  special inspection tools including AOI. At Triton, we have specific AOIs that will suit our customers needs.


Designed to detect manufacturing defects on printed circuit boards, these testers utilize high speed independently moving probes, making it easy to access test points, vias, component pads and fine pitch parts. Since no conventional bed-of-nails (test fixture) is required and the initial test program creation from the CAD file is quick and easy, total development time is measured in hours instead of days.


PCB conformal coating is used in applications that fit the design


In addition to microscopes and AOIs used throughout the facilities Triton employs X-ray systems capable of 2D inspection and 3D inspection PCB Ball Grid Array and higher pin definitions to ensure no shorts and or opens.