Pressure, Level Gauges, and Cylinders DOT


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We maker a full line of gas inspecting and electronic gas identification products from sampling cylinders, outage tubes, rupture discs, gas test fittings, connector plates, 2 valve, 3 valve, and 5 valve piece and straight and 90 degree manifolds.

TSC VALVES ,  TSC Accuracy Gauges (Pressure Gauges with Bourdon tubes) TSC Fluid Level Gauge ( Metallic Floats and Housed in Carbon Steal Tube Bodies and calibrated Float Assembly to a fluid density always maintaining proper float height in the proper fluid for proper triggering of magnetic switches) TSC divisions and included Weston and Reotemp Bimetallic Thermometers,  to form a complete package. We also provide the the thermowells and calculations for these products as well. We can quote today!

TSC VALVES can design custom or provide 3rd party products for your projects. Pressure Gauges (Bourdon, Digital) Thermometers ( Bimetallic, Digital ) and Switches (Magnetic, Proximity, Capacitive, Digital) that meet most applications in the Oil Gas, Chemical, Paper, or Medical Industry. Can certify any product to Class I DIV I, or Div II rating.  Give us a shout!

See our page on UL and Class 1 division I and Class 1 Division II certifications approval for instruments searching for.

Link here to review why one needs this certification.